"Using inCharge.co.uk has allowed me to develop a multi-page website at a fraction of the cost it would have done elsewhere. My knowledge of computers is basic, but this user friendly system allows me to create new pages and update product information with ease on a regular basis. The website has been a highly effective form of marketing and the service from inCharge.co.uk is always on the button."
Duncan Catchpole

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What is a Content Management System
and why do I need one?

A Content Management System, or CMS for short, is software installed on your website that allows you to make changes to your website easily.

Without a CMS, your website is made of static HTML pages that require expertise to create, and then need to be installed on your website.  Unless you have web design skills, you must pay a web designer to make even small changes to your website.  What choice do you have?  Visitors leave your site as soon as they realise that it is out-of-date, or worse, assume that you are not professional or no longer trading.

With a CMS, password protected editor pages enable you to make changes to your website quickly and easily whenever you like.

You still need a designer to create your website, but they create templates that you can populate with your own text and images.

Until recently, CMS software has been the preserve of big companies.  They were not only expensive, but also cumbersome and bureaucratic, and designed for professional webmasters.  The inCharge.co.uk CMS has been designed specifically for non-technical small businesses.

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