These are some of the websites set up and hosted by inCharge.co.uk, with quotes from our clients.

All graphic design was done by third party designers, and not by inCharge.co.uk.  We work with your graphic designer if you have one, otherwise we can recommend one.





"Our website is a key marketing and communication tool for our business. inCharge.co.uk set it up and incorporated all the features that we required at a very competitive price in 2004. The personal service and quality of support since then has been remarkable, the content management system is intuitive and reliable and allows us to demonstrate a high quality service in our website."
Helen Harrison

"I have been working with inCharge.co.uk for 2 years now and I am really happy with both the relationship and the quality of work and support.  Having been involved in setting up scores of websites in the past, I was delighted with the speed and performance of the site created by inCharge.co.uk.  The content management system was so intuitive that I just used it without training!  Whenever there has been a question or problem, inCharge.co.uk have responded fast and gone the extra mile to make sure I am happy.  I wish all the companies I dealt with were like this."
Richard Jones




"Our website has moved up from page 7 to page 1 on Google thanks to inCharge.co.uk ltd. Our on-line statistics show a massive increase in visitors, including a surprising number from Yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves where we're also on page 1. This has enabled us to reduce our newspaper advertising as the web is now our primary marketing tool."
Adrian Clubbe
http://www.whitesestateagents.co.uk  and





"Once Julian had set up our website he spent a couple of hours showing us how to use the Content Management System. We can update and improve our website content with a minimum of hassle (and no specialised knowledge) whenever we want. It is extremely easy to use. It has been a painless experience and I am very pleased with the results."
Charles Major



"Using inCharge.co.uk has allowed me to develop a multi-page website at a fraction of the cost it would have done elsewhere. My knowledge of computers is basic, but this user friendly system allows me to create new pages and update product information with ease on a regular basis. The website has been a highly effective form of marketing and the service from inCharge.co.uk is always on the button."
Duncan Catchpole


"inCharge.co.uk enabled me to unpick the jargon and obtain a presence on the net in good time and on budget. My clients can find their image of choice in a large and ever changing portfolio with great ease."
Richard Bowring