"Using inCharge.co.uk has allowed me to develop a multi-page website at a fraction of the cost it would have done elsewhere. My knowledge of computers is basic, but this user friendly system allows me to create new pages and update product information with ease on a regular basis. The website has been a highly effective form of marketing and the service from inCharge.co.uk is always on the button."
Duncan Catchpole

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Information for small businesses

Businesses have told us that they like the convenience and control of using our Content Management System (CMS) as well as the cost effectiveness.  They no longer waste time sending emails back and forwards to web designers to organise small changes.  Find out more about our Content Management System.

Don't compromise on design!  If you don't use a professional designer then it will show.  But designers dislike traditional CMS systems because they are too restrictive.  Find out how our CMS gives your designer the freedom they want.

Enable your customers to interact with your business online by adding custom web pages tailored to your own business.  Find out more about custom software development.

This website is just a virtual 'shop window'. Most of our business is transacted by email or phone and we often meet face-to-face with customers based around Cambridge or London.  So please find our contact details and drop us a line.

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Small Businesses

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