Take control with inCharge.co.uk Business Website Services

The inCharge.co.uk Content Management System

Our Content Management System (CMS) makes editing your website as easy as sending an email or creating a document.  The CMS was designed and built by us specifically for non-technical business owners and employees.  One easy-to-use package contains all the features that you need.

The Website Setup Process

We work with your graphic designer if you have one, otherwise we can recommend one.  The designer creates mockups which we graft onto the CMS.  When the system is ready for use, we hand it over to you during a two hour training session.  You can use the training session to start creating your website's pages, so you get off to a flying start.

The Website Editing Process

When you create a page, you give it a name that appears on menus and select a template that determines the layout.  You can then edit the page by entering text, links and images into the variable areas of the template. The final step is publishing the changes to make them visible to website visitors.  You can add as many pages to your website as you need at no extra cost.  New pages are automatically added to all relevant menus.

If you need any help, we provide technical support by email or telephone.

Please contact us for a demonstration of the Content Management System.