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Website Design

Using a professional graphic designer is essential for a professional looking website. 

We work with a number graphic designers, mostly from the Cambridge area.   If you have a preferred graphic designer then we can work with them, whether they are a web designer or they work only with print.  Otherwise we can recommend a designer.

The designer takes care of the website's 'look and feel' and we take care of the technical design and build.  We convert the designs into web pages that have the required level of browser compatibility, search engine optimisation, adherence to standards and accessibility, If the designer has not already done so.

Most Content Management System (CMS) software provides a framework into which elements of your design are pulled.  Our CMS turns this on its head by pulling elements of the CMS into the design.  This gives the designer complete control of the site's layout.  We also support a wide range of menu or navigation methods, so the designer is not constrained by the technology.