provides quality and cost effective small-business web hosting.

24/7 Monitoring

  • our Server Health Monitoring System detects any shortage of resources such as memory, disk space or processor power, and alerts the administrator to rectify the problem before it becomes critical.
  • the External Monitoring System constantly checks that servers are online and accessible from data centres in three different continents.
  • Google Webmaster Tools can detect a wide range of website problems caused by hacking and software failure.  We register all clients’ websites for additional assurance.
  • per-website error log files: CMS software such as WordPress is written in the PHP programming language, which logs any faults.  Too often these messages are dumped in a hidden file and ignored, which wastes a useful diagnostic resource.  We configure each website with its own log file so administrators can isolate any issue. This file can be accessed by you or any third party developer or designer working for you.

Pre-emptive Maintenance

  • operating system updates are applied routinely.
  • we subscribe to website software security alerts and upgrade your website software when necessary.
  • updates and upgrades occasionally require some downtime, however we are often able to reduce the downtime to a few seconds with a little extra effort.  Any routine maintenance is performed outside European office hours to minimise inconvenience.


  • a complete image of the server’s disk is made each night, so in the unlikely event of a total failure or corruption, a new server can be built quickly.
  • multiple historical backups are kept using the ‘Towers of Hanoi’ method in which the duration between backups increases the older the backup. For example, we might have backups 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc days old, up to 1 year old.  So if a problem is not discovered for some time, the original files can still be restored.


  • rather than relying on a single layer of security such as a firewall, we employ multiple layers of security.  We assume that nothing is impregnable, and all means must be employed to thwart attacks.