SilverStripe is the quickest to learn and easiest to use CMS that we have found.  Our users are not web specialists, they are business owners, office administrators and marketing staff.  They tend not to edit their websites very often.  So the system needs to be intuitive, and SilverStripe achieves this elegantly.

SilverStripe is from New Zealand, where it is widely used for government and large corporate websites as well as small business sites.  Outside New Zealand it is little known and has a tiny proportion of the world CMS market.  This focussed user base has allowed them to progress the system faster because they are not held back by a massive user base. The result is a more modern and cohesive system.

  • Cost
    • SilverStripe is free and Open Source.
  • Security
    • Hackers tend not to target SilverStripe because it is less widely used than WordPress or Drupal.
    • The developers have an excellent track record of quickly resolving any security issues.
  • Features
    • Quick to learn, easy to use.
    • Many high quality plugins freely available to extend the system’s capabilities.
    • Fully customisable appearance and extendible functionality.
    • Built-in version control enables you to work on a draft version and easily revert to earlier versions when necessary.
    • Modern software techniques promote reliability, performance and security
    • Backed by the New Zealand government, ensuring long term future development.

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